Research Scientific Services (RSS)

COMPLETE LCMS SERVICES                     

RSS was formed in 1991 by ex-Micromass management and engineers to serve the U.S. and Canada with the best organic MS service available for VG/Micromass/Waters mass spectrometry products. Since then, we have expanded to full service of ABI/Sciex systems by bringing on a team of veteran ABI/Sciex engineers. Every one of our specialists is a former Micromass/Waters or ABI/Sciex service engineer with years of experience. 

We have grown each year, and continue to grow. Now with nationwide and European representation, a refurbishment laboratory in Connecticut and an instrument purchasing, refurbishment and sales division, RSS is providing a new level of excellence in complete service and support to the Mass Spectrometry industry. 

Opportunities for growth have come by diversifying with new instrument aquistions, and training.

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